25 Years of InsideOut ︎︎︎ Print, Motion
A playful system that engages the audience through type and color that celebrates the success of InsideOut

InsideOut serves Detroit students through creative writing programs, workshops, and mentoring. To commemorate 25 years of their work in the city and around the city, several designers and I developed solutions to join the celebration.

InsideOut set in different typefaces

newspaper mockup gif
newspaper mockup
newspaper mockup
newspaper mockup
type advertisement gif
newspaper games gif

A newspaper is developed to highlight the poems and typefaces in a printed format that feels fresh and approachable. Articles, games, and ads all add to the tangible aspect of such a medium. Poetic voices are emphasized through subtle gestures and actions in our motion compositions. Along with our poetic motion solutions, a type specimen gif and one reminding us of the celebration can be great bookmarks. These can live on websites, social media, projections, email, etc.