California Housing Crisis ︎︎︎ Experience Design
Immerse the user into an emotional experience that helps them see those living in their vehicles as more than just a “nuisance.” 

150,000 Californians are homeless without any affordable housing solution, and many of the displaced have turned their vehicles into homes. Yet, there is not always a place to safely park. While the greater media may continue to cover this, we have become apathetic. The goal of this project is to put more than just a vehicle to the people affected, but a story.

Persona animation

Personas representing four people who live in their vehicles in the Bay Area. These profiles are meant to help the audience see who is behind the tickets that are distributed to vehicle habitators.

close-up of kiosk sign
woman using kiosk
Approach the podium to read the personas and use the buttons and headphones to listen to their stories. You can print out a blank ticket and decide who should receive it.


These four personas are representative of the different kinds of people who have ended up living in their vehicles. Expectant fathers, war veterans, single moms- no one is immune to this homelessness crisis.





headphones and buttons on kiosk
White buttons are for listening to personas, the red button is pressed when you are ready to print a ticket.
pulling ticket from kiosk
Pull ticket out from the front of the podium.
person filling out ticket
Fill out information for ticket and sign your name according to the person you see as “deserving” of the violation.
person placing ticket over persona
By placing the ticket over the person, you are part of the apathy, putting this person’s identity into a parking violation that they see they need to make for their survival.

asset animation
A large sign with basic information hangs above the space with a stack of smaller cards on the podium containing a more thorough explanation of the experience.  

process gif
process gif
process gif
To help those impacted by the housing crisis in the Bay Area, visit ︎